NY Times Content Strategy
April 1, 2010 5 comments


Clever Script on NY Times Website Entices User to Continue Reading

by Mac Heller-Ogden

In this video, I briefly demo a clever little script on the NY Times website which entices the user to continue reading by presenting a related reading recommendation just as the user gets to the end of their current article. Now, that’s a smart content strategy.

Written by

Mac Heller-Ogden

With over ten years of professional experience, Mac Heller-Ogden is a seasoned veteran in the field of custom web development, web design services, and social media marketing in Chicago and throughout the U.S.. As Pixel Dreamer's Executive Web Producer, Mac is both lead designer/developer and its leader. He oversees the production of all websites and applications, while also working to keep the Pixel Dreamer team strong, happy and motivated.


  • http://www.amwayglobal.com/irisfields Iris

    Thanks, Mac! You're doing great work ;-)

  • http://www.amwayglobal.com/irisfields Iris

    You're doing great work, Mac! (I'm not surprised).

  • http://pixeldreamer.net/ Mac Heller-Ogden

    Thanks Iris! I appreciate the feedback!

  • esamek

    Man, Mac…i just just read this and man that is such a good feature…already thinking of ideas to use a similar tooltip for some clients….maybe we could implement something similar here on dreamer labs?

  • http://twitter.com/almostrobb Almost Robb

    Great pull. I love seeing the new a crafty innovations.

    I really appreciate how Pixel Dreamer is always calling attention to what's new, and explaining why in such easily understandable ways. Makes for good reading.